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And we mean that in a good way, Clueless fans!

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For someone who loves fashion, it can get frustrating having to sift through 2 clothing racks out of an entire store for my little man. Girls typically have more variety and a bigger selection.
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Put this Séraphine number on your list. Love the belt too? For a night on the town—date night, perhaps? And those peekaboo lace straps? Proof that affordable maternity clothes can still be plenty trendy. Cute and casual, this maternity dress rocks a button-up style that's popping up everywhere. The adjustable tie-back waist means you can wear this number with your bump all the way to when you have a baby. I have never commented but read all of your blog posts and have even gone back to your old posts when Molly was a newborn to get advice for my own baby!!!

Thank you for what you do!! That is oh so exciting! Some of my favorite boy names are Mason, Lincoln, Parker, Jackson, and Grayson off the top of my head! So exciting for you guys!

Boys are so fun! And I totally agree about the name thing. My husband goes by his middle name and it is unnecessarily complicated at times. Our little guy is 8 months old and his name is Darren! No one has shorted that or given him a nickname yet!

I cried with you guys during this video. Such a sweet moment to capture!! I have a one year old boy named Brooks and he is such a joy! My little boy Tucker will be one next week! Picking names is so hard, it took us forever to find one we both agreed on, but now it just suits him so well!

I can relate to your feelings exactly! We have a daughter born a couple of months after Molly and are expecting our second due in a August! We just found out a few days ago that we are expecting another little girl. It was very hard to explain but I love knowing you shared similar feelings. So happy for you, Kevin, Molly and Owen!! Maybe when our girls start having babies, we will get a grandson! That is sooo exciting…. That is so exciting!!! It is seriously so fun to have one of each.

Our oldest boy is about to be four and our girl is 17 months and they are such sweet friends!! I actually really like Nolan! Another would be Noah. Love the name JACK. Whatever you choose i am sure it will be cute. Sounds so cute together. Congrats on your little boy!! Like you, I have a little girl named Molly 2 and our second was a boy 6m. We named him Dillon. We thought they sounded cute together and loved that they also share a double L!

So happy for you, its so nice to have one of each! I was hoping you were expecting a boy! We just had a girl 3 weeks ago and I was thrilled to have one of each! I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well! Hudson and Harrison were honestly the only boy names I liked at all. My full name is Alexandra and everyone calls me Ali, too! I totally understand your struggles with filling out paperwork, etc..

I never know whether putting Ali is okay or if they will need my official full name. Hope your family is doing great! I feel the same way! I am also Alexandra and Ali!! Also wrote my first comment today after reading this! Not a common spelling of Ali either!

Good luck choosing a name, you will settle on the perfect one. I love the name Noah. Congratulations to all of you. Thank you for sharing your life with us all the time, I love being along for the ride.

I have an 8 month old girl and waited until delivery to find out the gender, but watching genders reveals is just the best! I too am pregnant with a boy and we are naming him Waylon.

A name I like is Luca. My baby boy will be six months old on March 7th! When we saw him we both decided to call him Everett and middle name Sawyer. Best day of my life was the day he was born.

Congratulations to you, Kevin and little Molly and Owen of course. My sons names are Brayden Thomas and Carson James. A little biased but I love the names!! Congrats on your little boy. I get the whole name thing. My sister named her son Drew.

She did not want to name him Andrew and have Drew as a nickname. So you can pick a name that is typically a nickname and have that be the actual name. I have three boys under two. My name is Jennifer and because there are a million of us I wanted my son to have a different name, but not weird. His name is Hudson, I get so many people telling me they love the name. Good luck and Congrats! Carson is another good one. All my boys have Two-syllable first name and a single syllable middle name.

Brayden or Brendan are also great. Congrats to you all! Our favs were Trevor, Gavin and Connor. First of all, congratulations!!! Boys are so much fun. I have 2 and then one baby girl. I really like the name Logan and Luke. Love you and your little family and excited for you to have your little boy!!!! Congratulations to you and your growing family! Super duper excited for you guys.

That video was so sweet! We just found out we are having a boy too after 2 girls and def our last… we are leaning towards the name Tucker: Molly Manno and Mason Manno! I have a girl and a boy, but they are 6 years apart but still best buddies! Enjoy the ride — boys adore their mamas. I am getting married in June and we plan to start trying to get pregnant right away! This makes me even more excited!!

I love the names Liam, Aiden, Logan and Cameron. Good luck choosing a name!! Our 14 month old is named Brayden. Boys are so fun and looooove their mommas! Molly, Owen and their little bro will have such a great time together.

Maddux Manno is pretty cute! Watching Kevin get emotional is so sweet!! What an exciting time!! We have a Bennett, but we do call him Benny. Long story short I loved the name Benny, but thought it would be weird to name him that, so we found a name we could nickname him Benny!

Glad to see everyone is happy and healthy. Good luck with everything! Ah… so happy for you guys! Love the raw emotion of the video, you had me crying too! I have a little girl myself and would love to have a little guy next. Also, I have a friend who could realllly use little girl clothes if you are donating yours!

My daughter is 16 months and I want to start trying soon for 2. We are also only having 2 so it made me think of that moment for us when it comes. I really want a boy next time. Good luck and congrats again! Oh my gosh you guys! So happy for you both! I had a son 7 months ago and the only name my husband and I agreed on was Luke.

Not Lucas but Luke. And we love it and he will never have a nickname! Ahhhh I love this!! Your sweet family is so fun to watch! Congrats on a little man! The funny thing is, I have the same criteria as you!

Two syllables and no nick name. My 3 year old sons name is Declan and we are trying to find names that are somewhat unique like his. Some that we have put on our list are…. I have a 3 year old daughter named Whitney. As for names we wanted the same with our son. I loved nicknames but it felt weird to name your kid the nick name like Alex instead of Alexander. But Noah is just Noah!

Our second was a girl after we had a boy first! So fun to have one of each! My oldest is named Parker and we love it since our last name is so long and we needed a simple name. Boys are so fun, full of so much energy and keep you on your toes, and are fun to dress!

Despite what some may think! We have an Axel and Levi. They very rarely get shortened. We also liked Tate, Trey, Oak, and get this …. We are having a boy also, due in April! We have one little girl Reagan and I have always thought of it being a gender neutral name.

Also some favorite boy names we liked: We actually did know how fortunate we were to get to experience both until we had multiple friends have same gender children and long for the other gender. And I love Blake for a name. I can completely understand the name situation!

I am also Alexandra but have always been called Ali! It was totally a consideration when naming our daughter!! You will come up with something amazing for your son! I had the exact same thoughts on names! Never too common, but still a traditional, gentleman sounding name! So excited to watch your journey with this new little one too!! If you wanted to keep the MM initials for your babies— maybe Micah or Marcus.

Another boy name I have always liked is Jordan! Wow, such a cute video. That takes a lot of balls to show your raw emotions and experiences to everyone, both of you. We absolutely adored it. So my youngest little boy and Molly had the same due date, but I think they ended up being born a couple days apart. His birthday is We have been so set on calling him by his full name! And congratulations on your sweet boy! Thank you for sharing such a sweet moment with us all!

It totally made me cry! Saddle up for a wild ride with your sweet little man! Boys are all dirt, energy, farts, giggles, bugs, more energy, SWEET mama snuggles, and yes… even more energy! Congratulations to your sweet family!!! Congrats, the perfect little family you will be, well you already are. I love watching Molly, so I hope you share the little man just as much!! I like Mason, Cody, Jaden. So excited for you Ali!

Now i can donate his clothes! Our son is Jimmy and we painted his room like Toy Story so blue walls with the clouds. I felt the same way about finding out the gender this time! Another boy, he would get to have a brother!

A girl, would totally change our family dynamics but add some softness to this crazy house. We had anxiety in the opposite way and waited until 20w to find out. Yet, I was convinced it was another boy the entire time! It was the same pregnancy. I did not want 3 heads to turn when I say one name. Our second son is Mason. I required 2 syllables as well. Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well!

Long time reader and fan, first time commenter. I cried along with you guys, this is sooo precious and how wonderful that you have these moment markers!! Will be stealing this idea for reveal for baby 2! It was soooo hard to come up with a boy name; Austin was the only one we agreed on! You will find the perfect name and your little boy will be the perfect addition to your family! Except I just said Charlie Manno in my head and changed my mind. Too much like Charles Manson.

Sounds like a nickname for Charles Manson. I was hoping this comment would be more helpful than it ended up being the more I thought about it. A million dollar family….

How exciting for your little family to welcome a baby boy!! We had two daughters first and we finally got our little boy who is 5 months old and we named him Hudson.

Boy names were hard for us to decide on so good luck!! I am 26 weeks pregnant and I was convinced it was a boy. I loved the name Louis but we had a hard time agreeing on girl names. We are now waiting the arrival of our little Sadie Ann! We found out with both our boys. We have an Evan and Max. Awww Molly and Max would be cute! I have 2 boys — they are wonderful! I have an Eli and a Connor, but I also love Ryan. Boy names are so hard in my opinion part of why I was hoping to have a girl!

I was in the same position as you with only wanting 2 children. I love Bridger, Ethan, Grayson, and Henry. Whatever you choose, may you enjoy health and happiness always!

Congratulations on your soon to be born baby boy. It is such a blessing. I think you should consider naming him Ben. Congrats on your boy! Mason, Miles, Milo are my favorite. I have two little boys, a 6 year old and a 2 year old. They are so much fun and so sweet to their mommas!!!

My boys are Gunner Royce and Kaiden Jason. Congratulations Ali, Kevin, Molly and Owen!!!! My suggestion for a boy name is Liam. I have 2 boys, Lucas and Camden. I love them both so much! They have both only even been called by their full name. I am with you on that! I will give it a whirl and through in my two cents with boy names….

Best wishes on the delivery. So happy for you Ali and Kevin. And of course Molly you are going to be a great big sister. I like the name Maxwell for a boy. I think the exact same way! Just too confusing for me — glad someone else feels that same way. Good luck naming the little guy — I know you, Kevin and Molly will pick out the perfect name!!

I was using Riley either way, boy or girl. The video reveal was so so sweet, made me tear up to see your excitement! We had a baby girl which we named Alice! But never used the boy name. The name we had picked out was Jack Alexander! Jack and Molly has a cute ring to it! I have an 19 month old son named Jacob William. Other favorite names have always been Ethan, Noah, Mason and Cameron. Best wishes to you! It still feels weird buying boy stuff!!! I love the names Mason and Logan! We had our girl first and named her Emily.

Then we had our boy and named him Aaron. I love names that cannot be shortened either. I like Miles for a boy. I have two boys, Ashton and Bennett. Boys names are tough to pick out! It was so fun to watch this! Yall are so sweet to share with us! Every one loves you all!! I do like when the first and last name have the first initial the same!

So with that I like: What a wonderful and exciting time in your lives. Luke is my favorite boy name.. We have a boy and a girl as well! Our girl is Peyton and our boy is Hunter! I just had my LO 8 weeks ago! We chose a different spelling because we both start with K but of course you could go with the traditional spelling. So excited to see all your boy postings now so I can get ideas! It was non existent when he was little but now he hears it a lot and it totally freaks him out!!

I remember this moment. It certainly changes your life forever. There is nothing in this world like the love from a son. I wanted girls so badly but I absolutely love being a boy mom. Such a great video. I am 20w with our first child, a boy!

We are set on Parker! I totally feel you on the inconvenience of not going by your first name. Mine is Victoria but have been Tori since I was super little.

Congrats on your little man! Congratulations and how exciting to have one of each!! In terms of boy names, I love the unique and uncommon names for children nowadays. A few that I love: We named him August. But we wanted the opposite of you: Now I sometimes wish we had just gone with Gus since everyone calls him that! I teared up watching this. I follow you on IG and you guys are such awesome parents.

The joy and ease that you both have when dealing with Molly is so refreshing. Makes me smile daily. Oh and I totally get the name thing. My parents named me Anna Blaire but I go by Blaire. All through high school and college on the first day they would announce Anna. Congratulations Ali, Kevin, Molly!! I cried when I watched your gender reveal video! You and Kevin have such pure love for one another..

And I wish nothing but the best for you and your growing family. You were so spot on when you said you had mixed emotion because Molly will either never have a sister or never have a brother.

Each experience would be so different long term. I had the same thoughts! I have one of each and that mother and son bond is pretty darn special! My husband and I are similar to you with names- want there to be no nickname since we also go by our nicknames only. Our son is named Ryland and we never call him anything else. Congratulations Ali, Kevin, Molly, and Owen! Super excited for you- million dollar family!

So difficult to choose a name! We have older girl and little boy 18 mo this apart. My husband had the idea of getting the green monster walk at Fenway as an accent wall in my sons nursery. I am so very happy for you. What a blessing to have another child added to your family. I will give you the names of my 2 boys. My oldest name is Clay Michael and my youngest son is Collin Rey. One with one syllable and one with 2.

Both have gone by their whole name. I hope you are feeling better Alexandria. Your are a beautiful family. This makes my heart so happy. From one mom to another, you have handled this pregnancy with beauty and grace all while being so real. This little boy is one lucky dude. A huge congratulations to your family! I am so excited for your family. This will be our last baby as well so it was so emotional watching you guys because I can relate so much.

I wish your family so many blessing. I think both are strong names. My husbands name is Lyle and also nothing to shorten! Emily Maynard used my last name for her most recent boy too…Gatlin. Congrats on the boy! Little boys are so much fun. I feel the same way as far as the name.

I have 3 boys Jordan, Devin, Cameron and Kailyn and wanted names that did not have a nick name attached to it. Since Molly was picked after your grandmother, do you have any male family names that could be named after him? I have a cousin Molly, so love that name too.

Since this is your last, would you want it to begin with M also?? Probably shy away from Mike.. LOL Mike and Molly…haha.. When all else fails.. How about Harrison Manno..

Boys are so fun!!!! We have a 2. Good luck and enjoy these last weeks of being a family of 3 you have to count Owen in there right?! It is so awesome to get one of each! I have two of each and I feel super lucky that it worked out that way. Like, no bobby Cherry. He always felt like it had to be a very strong first name for such a unique last name. Our boys are Sawyer and Cooper.

We also loved Colin. I swear I hear Logan all the time now. Congratulations on your baby boy! So excited for all of you. I was so hoping you were having a boy! I have also been blessed with my first grandson and his name is Carson. Boys are a lot of fun. I have 2 sweet boys. So many names get passed on through the generations. Definitely do something meaningful in his name! So happy for you.

First off…my husband and I also did the blood test at 12 weeks and were so un interested in any type of gender reveal that I actually had the lady from the lab tell me over the phone!!! So glad you captured that — for yourselves, for your son to see someday… so special! I had tears, too! Just want to say how much I sympathize with you and appreciate how you want to name your child. So i know how frustrating it is!! I will definitely be doing the same when I have kids one day.

I also like Jake, Dylan or Ryan. Molly will be the best big sister! I have a friend that named her son Grayson and thought that was adorable! I have been following you since the very beginning on the Bachelor.

I started crying with you while watching that!! Whatever you pick will be as lovely as your little girls name! Congrats to the three of you! Boys are so wonderful and SO much fun! So so happy for your family! I would suggest naming him Micah! Soooo happy for you! I have one of each as well and I have to say, boys are the sweetest! So excited for the three of you!

Obviously not a two syllable-er, but a classic. Boys are so much! Congratulations to you all! I have 2 boys and a third BOY on the way! My boys are- Brody Patrick and Cameron Joseph. Struggling picking the right name for 3…. Oh my goodness, congratulations!! We have a 7 month old son named Everett and so I think boy babies are so much fun. I definitely understand the desire to not have your son called by a nickname, I had the same requirement!

Some of my favourite 2 syllable boy names are: Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!! We just had our 2nd little boy, our first is 18 months. Congratulations Kevin, Ali and Molly! I vote for Weston as his name! Little boys are the best! I agree with the nicknames! We also liked Eli, Noah, Asher, and Jordan! Being a mom to a little boy is such a joy. As for a name, we named our little dude Eli and I love it so much! Sometimes people think his name is Elijah but we named him Eli specifically for the reason you talked about, not wanting to call him something other than what his full name is.

Cute for a little guy but also solid for a grown man. Whatever you pick, enjoy the amazing ride that is parenting a little guy. My neighbors son is Lincoln and really like it and fits your criteria. Your heart must be so full. My husband and I had such a difficult time choosing a boy name as well. Boy names are so hard!! So, I basically am one of those stalker people that follow you on Instagram, hahaha, no shame….. Anyway, I watched your video and bawled!

I have three boys, and when we found it our 3rd was a boy I had major gender let down. I cried for two weeks.

Felt so incredibly guilty. Your emotions were so genuine and raw, and I appreciate it so much!!! We will have a 4th baby eventually, and maybe I will get that feeling you just experienced. Though, at this point I feel like a girl would just throw our dynamic off. Also, Weston is my new favorite boy name. How about Greyson or Griffin. As a parent you have to correct people if they try to give your son a nickname. They will follow your lead. I feel the same exact way about nicknames so my two boys are Blake and Logan!

And it fits your 2-syllable, no nickname criteria! Soo happy for you guys! Boys are different if you have the same sex siblings they fight way more haha. Congratulation to you and your little family. Wishing you all the very best. My little boy is named Hudson. I also like Miles for a boy.

Good luck picking out a name! I loved reading this post because I found some similarities to my family. I also had the exact same name specifications — at least two syllables, no nicknames. I teared up watching! We have one of each, our girl being the oldest as well. We also are done after 2! Our son is named Grayson but we call him Grey and we also loved the name Carson.

Would you have rather had your parents call you Alexandra right from the start until you were old enough to choose what to go by? I have a son and daughter as well. Experiencing both has been a blessing!

I am an Alexandra too and I wanted a two syllable one name for the same reason! Ali, your family is the absolute sweetest. I truly love watching your stories and reading your blog. Your happiness is infectious, and you truly deserve your beautiful life. Ps…every time I show my husband a picture of Molly he just melts. Congratulations to you and your family! Thank you for sharing such a personal moment. It was beautiful to see! Our son is named Carter. I liked it because it is easy to spell, easy to pronounce, and not too common…yet!

I have a girl, and a boy! It really is fun to have the best of both worlds. My sons name is Camden Thomas, and I get compliments on his name all the time!

Excited to see what name you pick for your son! Hi Ali, I have 2 boys young men now. When they are 30, will they be embarrassed by their name? Boy names with no nicknames. Bobby, Tommy, Matty, Jonny, etc. Boy name that cannot be teased when in elementary school. My boys names are Adam and Grant. Strong names when they were babies, but now they fit and they are stong young men.

Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! So many congratulations your way! I found myself in so many of the same places as you with nursing and sleeping and working… I just had my second, a boy as well!!! So my two are fifteen months apart. I think your age gap will be much easier- things have been more challenging over here with Charlotte so little! And we are done after two kids as well. I gave a son almost the same age as Molly to the day.

His name is Andrew Spencer. I just had my daughter 5 days ago and her name is Molly Rose. Congrats on a boy!! We were blessed with 2 beautiful girls and we are done so I never got to use my boy name. Our pick was Gavin for a boy and I still love it!

Hi Ali- I have always loved you from the time you were a bachelorette. I have two older boys and Alexandra is my baby of the three. I had the same test done as you did at My Alee was born a preemie at 30 weeks, 4 days.

Although she was only 2 lbs. I have a few name suggestions for you. Holy guacamole the love is REAL on this post!!!! So so so happy for you Ali!!! I was rooting for a boy! I am the middle child, older sister 25, me 22, and my brother 20! Molly and baby bro are going to be soo soo cute with eachother! Oh my gosh SO excited for you! I have an almost 4 year old boy.. They are so fun!

Our boy names are Camden and Beckett- which I love!!!! Picking a name IS so hard though! I have 2 girls and we are stopping at 2, so I understand the feelings you had in the video. We saw the pros and cons to each combo, but I do love having 2 girls. Our boy names we had considered were Noah or Parker.

Congrats on adding another little Cubs fan to the world! So happy for you both. Excited to watch the rest of your story in your blogs. You and Kevin are going to make amazing parents to a little baby boy, and molly is going to love having a baby brother!! I have 3 boys myself and they are so much fun! I had the hardest time picking names for my second and third boy though. My boys names are Mason, Jacob, and Colin. We also liked Cooper and Brayden just in case you wanted a couple more options to add to your list lol.

I love the name Braden. I also said i dont want a long name for the nickname reason. Congratz and enjoy the last pregnancy. William is such a wonderfully classic name. Which is the name of my fiancé and if blessed with a baby boy later in life, we will name him William as well. Congrats on having a baby boy!!! So happy for you and Kevin and Molly! For a name I think Miles and Marshall are super cute.

That is so exciting!! We have an amazing 4 year old daughter and are so anxious to find out if this one will be a boy or girl. Being 1 of 3 sisters, I know how wonderful it is to have them, but I just know our family would feel complete with a little boy. So very happy for you! You are such as positive role model to women everywhere! Thank you for sharing your journey! I always love how you include Owen in everything! What a sweet video!!! My full name is Carissa but my parents and everyone else in my life have called me Cari since I was born!

So happy for you and your family!!!! I have to say I love the name Mason!!!! I have 2 girls and a boy. Having a son is truly amazing!!! I love that Molly is such a sweet old fashion name. What about Truman for your boy? You have the most beautiful family! Congratulations that is so exciting and your family will be blessed with a girl and boy, the best of both worlds.

Maybe down the road you will get that tie breaker, ha. All the best this pregnancy. Congrats again to you guys!!

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