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Jan 20,  · i have my order confir # paid for overnite delivery and have not received phones.
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It seems my best option would be to use the money in my account to buy Boost Mobile phones through their website and then to sell them on eBay/CraigsList at a loss, but I'm having a difficult time deciding what I should buy/be buying.
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I have my boost mobile phone and i added ten dollars on the account but when i try to call it says i have no money on the account to make the call wha Unsuspend my account without my pin code How do you put a code on a nokia c3 so after it locks youll have to type in a code.

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If you have a referral to share, please do so via PM when requested. Need help getting started with Cricket Wireless? Check out this post. If you're looking for an easy way to compare plans and providers, please use this post for reference. Just remember that even though a phone might work technologically, some devices still don't work correctly on another provider.

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We intend to keep it that way. Check carrier websites for more details. How to extract money from my Boost Mobile account? I have always put 6 months of service on my Boost Mobile account at a time.

Now, Boost offers 2. This makes me a sad panda, so I'd much rather switch to Cricket and be able to use whatever unlocked GSM phone I want instead of being tied down to Boost's limited phone options.

However, you can't gift the money from your account to another Boost customer, and you can't get a refund on it. I recently checked my Tmo prepaid and found two months in there. I turned off autopay immediately. I don't regularly keep up with that line, so the double charge happened some time in the past year or so.

You're asking "why did you prepay for a prepaid line? To answer, maybe OP doesn't have a bank so loading it up all in one go and only having to do that 2x a year was easier. Didn't know that I might switch until literally the other day when Cricket was suddenly the cheaper better option for a QWERTY smartphone, definitely a poor decision on my part, regretting it now.

Its location on this page may change next time you visit. First off I would like to say that I have used Boost Mobile service for about 5 years and never once had an issue or problem. I have been trying to unlock my sim to switch to a new carrier which I didnt really want to do for almost 2 weeks now and for whatever reason no one that I've dealt with seems to have a clue how to do it. First I went to my local Boost Mobile store here in Waco TX and the guy said that I absolutely could not unlock my device to switch carriers.

So I call the customer service number and the lady tells me it will take hrs and I should get a text. He then claims no supervisor was working but I was adamant so eventually he transferred me.

So I was hopeful and after waiting over 20 minutes the supervisor tells me that it actually takes 48 hrs business days. It is actually ridiculous that not one person seems to really know how long it takes or what is going on. They just tell you something so that they will not have to deal with the problem. It's bad enough that now it will be almost 2 weeks of no phone service all because no one knows what the hell is going on.

I have always raved about how great Boost Mobile service was but after this experience I will never use Boost again all because of the people that represent them and if my phone does not get unlocked within the next 48 hrs like that supervisor said to me I will smash this phone.

There is no reason that the people representing the company shouldn't be trained well enough to assist someone when they call with an issue. It's bad enough to have to call the customer service number but then to be lied to and treated like an inconvenience it's a wonder this company is even still going. I know you can afford some extra training to teach all your employees how to look on the computer and read the information that is given.

If not then time to do some rehiring for sure. Also it doesn't make sense to me how it can take hrs to unlock a phone when all other carriers can do it in a matter of minutes. Boost Mobile has some good cheap monthly plans but could do a lot better with phone selection. When they do offer an okay phone it seems to always be sold out.

Don't understand why they can't offer at least a few more options to choose from. They are saying the phone is either a Boost or Sprint phone so we are not entitled to the promotion. It is all a SCAM. I have been a Boost Mobile customer for 8 years. I have paid my bill on time all these 8 years. The first time I needed them, their customer service hung up on me several times and I was told different things from different reps. They barely speak English. I requested them to unlock my iPhone 5s, but they did not because they said the phone has to be active in their network for at least days I was never told the iphone had to still be in account to unlock the phone!

It does not cost you anything to unlock the phone. It is not like I had the phone for 3 months I kept that phone active for 4 years with boost mobile only. So if you need them, you cannot count on them because they will not even open an exception for someone who never asked for nothing and has been a loyal customer for many years.

Boost Mobile lies and extorts. Misrepresents itself and continues to allow harassment and neglect. I program and know how to do a few things Still not a thing has been done.

Detailed info on their network proves they can not do what they say they can do Loss of productivity I have recorded and notated in the s of hours as of today's load of lies. This is from a program that used to load PCs before email on a cassette tape. Connection speeds average less than Kbytes Refusing to respond in writing via email or regular mail.

Waiting 2 years now for Boost Mobile to send me a phone to be able to fix this one. Great way to never fix a phone or identify the problems. Drove through four states and 3 counties in FLA. You are wasting time persecuting me when you should be looking elsewhere for a terrorist abuse of the Patriot Act and about 3 constitutional rights. Shut down this company FCC, for it should never have gotten a licensees to communicate, if it can not do so no email service from reps to customers For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs.

Been with Boost for almost 5 years. Always paid every month on time. I called to cancel my account and see if I could get a prorated refund since I was not using the full 30 days unlimited service. I was told by Boost Mobile account affairs representative and her supervisor Rainy that I would not be able to recuperate any of my funds since I talked on the phone for at least 15 minutes.

Which is nowhere stated to the customers when they pay for the Boost Mobile no contract unlimited prepaid plans. They cannot give me any answers on why this is not explained and they have no regards for customer satisfaction even if they are outstanding customers. In all honesty it sounds like a big scam. I was not asking for a full refund. I was simply asking for a prorated amount to be credited to my debit card since I will not be using the full month service.

That seemed to be a huge issue with Boost Mobile. If you plan on going with Boost Mobile be very aware that they are crooks and will do anything to try to scam you out of your money with a hidden policy. You know how many people talk more than 15 minutes when they first activate their Reboost card! If the button would allow it I would rate it a !

I have never dealt with the level of unprofessionalism that I have experienced at this location in my 35 years of life. The process can take additional time I understand that I worked for a cellular company myself but after a few hrs we realized something was wrong. The gentleman who handled our phones who is no longer employed with the company, wonder why was new, in training 2 of the 3 staff members were that day.

We were told give him some time he'll fix it! The phones we initially picked was based upon our needs as the consumer! We did our homework! So now you have 2 unhappy customers! A month later as we assumed, I hate my phone, he hates his phone still no phone call our phone bills arrive with no discount whatsoever.

This BS now has me 2 hrs late for work because I don't have my phone service. He asked if he could assist me with something, so I explained the situation. This is professionalism, Amy needs to take note! So, I proceed to go back sit in my car at 9: Rashawn got the entire story.

I want you to know Amy does not meet any expectation of professionalism that I have seen set forth by any respectable business! How a mgr runs their store is a depictment of how their employees govern themselves! Thankfully Rashawn must have some outside training because if he were to run the store the way Amy does Boost Mobile would have no customers!

Amy needs to take customer service If I treated a customer the way Amy did I would be fired without any hesitation! I hope that her boss doesn't want others to think this is the way he or she wants business to be conducted in their franchises, because if so I fear for the integrity of boost corporate itself!

Amy failed to realize that she could have avoided this complaint had she just did 1 small thing Rashawn thank you for attempting to do what a mgr is supposed to do! He didn't have me on speaker phone! This company has no value for its customers, also outsourced customer service adds to further communication hurdles. After waiting a couple weeks the preowned S7 came off back order. I ordered the preowned phone online, 2.

I activated the phone online, and 3. I paid my first 2 months of service. After 2 and a half hours of outsourced "that's not my department BS" they told me to go with a different carrier if there really was a better deal, and that they had no incentive to help me because I was a new customer The old saying goes "you get what you pay for" or in this case maybe less.

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